Yoga is a spiritual system that deals
with the process of enlightenment.
The final goal is to differentiate
the soul from everything
that is not the soul.

- Shandor Remete

The nature or essence
of a person


About Jaymin

While living in London in 2002, I was introduced to Shadow Yoga after a few years of casually exploring other yoga styles. Different from anything I had encountered in other classes, immediately I recognised the intelligence in the Shadow Yoga system's approach to working with the body, and consequently the mind.

I stayed in London to continue to study Shadow Yoga and was fortunate to be guided in my studies by exceptional teachers. My teaching foundation started at Islington Yoga with Karen Watson and John Evans with a 2 year teacher's course. Then with Jana Appleyard, whom I studied with for 8 years. In that time I also did an intensive 3-year apprenticeship with Jana at Yoga In The City.

Most recently my yoga journey evolved under the guidance of Zhander Remete (founder of Shadow Yoga) and Emma Balnaves on their 2009-2012 teacher training, attending a number of retreats with them all around the world during the course of these years.

Now living in New Zealand, I continue to study under the care and guidance of Zhander and Emma, attending their retreats around the world.